The Vampire’s Curse (Fatal Allure Book 3)

I cross the distance between us quickly, somehow feeling more powerful since I’m wearing my heels. I’m aware of the menacing presence of this man, the way he towers over me and the way he carries himself with an aura of danger. “Who are you?” I demand.

“I believe we’ve already met. My name is Vincent,” he says simply. “And your name is Amy.” He pronounces my name as if it’s a sacred thing, a name that he knows by heart. His voice is low and seductive, and I feel my body respond to his presence before I can stop it.

My calm demeanor slips a little when he utters my name. The pause before it tells me he wants me to actually hear it. To understand that he knows who I am. I clear my throat, determined not to show him how disconcerted I was am, how hypnotized I feel by those almost black eyes. And most importantly, I am determined not to let him see the shudder of desire that went through me when he said my name in his low, seductive voice.

There is something raw and masculine about him, even down to the way he smells. Musky and wild. Feral, almost. He is an enigma, a mystery that I can’t seem to unravel. I can’t tell if he’s a predator or a protector.

“I know what you did to that woman,” I blurt out. His gaze turns hard and his jaw tenses. He’s not denying it, and I know I must be right. He killed her, in cold blood.

“Yes, it was lucky we both saw her fall, wasn’t it? She could have been there for quite some time, exposed and alone, otherwise.” His tone is nonchalant, as if it doesn’t bother him at all that he killed someone.

He stands in front of me, a living embodiment of death and darkness. But I can’t look away. I can’t deny the pull I feel towards him, and I can’t ignore the way my heart races when he’s near. I’m drawn to him, despite my better judgement. He’s dangerous, and I know it.

Martha Woods is a New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author. She is known for her gripping suspense, dark romance, and thrilling stories. Her books transport the reader to a dark, seductive world where danger lurks around every corner.

With her latest novel The Vampire’s Curse, Martha Woods takes her readers on a journey of horror and intrigue as Amy navigates a world of secrets and mystery. The story is a perfect blend of romance and danger, with a thrilling plot full of unexpected twists and turns.

If you’re looking for a gripping, suspenseful read with a dark and dangerous edge, then Martha Woods’ The Vampire’s Curse is the perfect book for you. Get swept away in a world of forbidden romance and danger as you uncover the mysteries of the cursed vampire. The fate of Amy’s heart and soul hangs in the balance. Will she resist his dark allure or succumb to the Vampire’s Curse?

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