The Alpha’s Temptation (Werewolves of Boulder Junction Book 4)

The Alpha’s Temptation (Werewolves of Boulder Junction Book 4)

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A child is on its way.

Liam and Skylar are finally experiencing some stability for the first time and the foundation of their legacy is being built. The happy couple is more than happy to live out their days with each other and the people they hold close.

But as always, things are never simple in Boulder Junction.

A reminder of the past is about to throw itself into their lives, armed with a .44 and looking for blood. On top of the ongoing concerns with Skylar’s pregnancy, and whether or not she will live to see her child, can the two of them work their way through this?

And if they can, what awaits on the other side?

With their friends doing what they can to help on both fronts, they are not alone in their struggle. But how will their relationships be affected by this conflict? More importantly, how will they be affected when certain secrets come to light, secrets that will change exactly how they see each other?

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