The Alpha’s Revenge (Werewolves of Boulder Junction Book 6)

The Alpha’s Revenge (Werewolves of Boulder Junction Book 6)

Things are not going well for the Conway’s. 

A grieving father, a newborn child, and a mother who was tragically lost before her time. 

Such a loss so soon into what was supposed to be the rest of their lives has left Liam a mess, turning to the comfort of a bottle just to numb the overwhelming pain. His friends and family are all worried about him, and just want him to feel some purpose again. And what greater purpose is there than revenge?

The object of his revenge had skipped town and not looked back, mourning a loss of his own and taking his sister-in-law with him, the two of them desperate for some sort of plan and burning with the need for vengeance of their own. But Christian is not telling her the whole story, and there is no telling what she will do when she finds out.

But they are not running from Liam, he was the furthest thing from their minds. What truly scared them, what kept them up at night petrified of what could crawl out of the darkness was Skylar Conway-Moore, Liam’s not-so-dead wife who had reunited with her mother, the two of them on a quest to make sure her family will never be placed in danger ever again.

What will these people do? What will they do to gain their revenge?

And more importantly, what will they do if they get it?

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