The Alpha’s Revelations (Werewolves of Boulder Junction Book 8)

The Alpha’s Revelations (Werewolves of Boulder Junction Book 8)

Fresh off the revelation that Christian is her father, Skylar is forced into a fight that will put the lives of those she holds dear on the line.

But she is not alone in her struggles. Cayden must fight the man he once looked up to, Claire and Leila must fight a former lover.

And with the reveal of a powerful ally to Christian who could turn the tide of battle as they know it, Cassandra must make peace with the fact that she now has to take up arms against her brother, and that one sibling must kill the other.

With life, family and love all on the line, how can they hope to defeat a force that is so intent on destroying everything they hold dear?

Only one thing is clear, after everything they’ve gone through, this is the end of the line.

They just don’t know whose end it will be.

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