The Vampire’s Revelations (Fatal Allure Book 12)

The Vampire’s Revelations (Fatal Allure Book 12)

Whose side would you choose?

When you finally accept what it is that you have to do there is generally some catharsis that is expected to be gained, some measure of answers to the questions that you might have found yourself asking.

Unfortunately for Amy, it seems that answers are not exactly forthcoming.

After coming to a decision to help the shifters who found themselves in danger from a group of vicious rivals led by a disgraced former hunter, Amy finds herself getting drawn into a fight where the sides should be obvious, yet are just as clouded as the rest of everything is.

With questions being raised about who these shifters are, what she wants her role in the alliance to be, and even potentially who Damon really is as a person, she’s going to need a very long vacation after all is said and done.

But first, she needs to make sure she stays alive long enough…

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