The Vampire’s Rebirth (Fatal Allure Book 11)

The Vampire’s Rebirth (Fatal Allure Book 11)

Months after the horrific events that led to Damon’s rebirth and Rick’s imprisonment, Amy can finally rest easy and enjoy her new life.

Or so one would think, but things are never easy in this new life of hers.

As the head of the alliance, she has been set with the task of making sure that everyone is protected, happy and productive, but she hadn’t imagined that people would be begging from the outside for help this soon. But that is exactly what is happening, and she is going to have to make a decision on whether they get involved or not, whether they extend a hand to these unknown people and their unknown enemies, or if they shut them out and leave them alone with the fallout.

With new problems, new friends and new revelations coming fast, Amy is going to have to struggle to keep her head in all of this. After all, there is never any shortage of people trying to bite it off.

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