The Vampire’s Infliction (Fatal Allure Book 4)

The Vampire’s Infliction (Fatal Allure Book 4)

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I did it to save him.

I let Vincent drink from me so his life could be spared.

I told him how I felt, that I thought I might be in love with him.

Me, the cynic. The one who doesn’t believe that love is really possible has managed to fall in love with two men at the same time.

A year ago, I was a happy dog-mom, hunting for clues in a serial murder case that had left the entire force flummoxed. I was content in my belief that science was the be-all, end-all for answering complicated questions, and that no relationship could ever last.

But now Vincent has abandoned me…or so I thought. A strange powerful force is starting to conjure. Something that is strong enough to bring the Vampires, Witches and even the Hunters together, can’t be good.

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