Fatal Allure Series

The Vampire’s Desire (Fatal Allure Book 1)

She made a deal with a Vampire.

Now, I own her. I must keep her safe.

There’s an evil brewing in this city.

And I won’t let her out of my sight.

I must protect her.

Just until she solves this crime and I know she’s safe.

Then I’ll be gone.

I swear…


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There is an alleyway opposite where I stand and I see a woman heading into it. She is young. Twentyish, at a quick estimation. She wears a beautiful red dress, her blonde curls cascading down her back.

What is she going in there for? I squint, trying to see into the shadows. I gasp when I spot a man’s outline deeper in the alley.

I open my mouth to call out to her, to warn her, then snap it shut. What if he is the killer and I warn him off and allow him to escape?

His head moves down to her neck, and the woman gives a low groan of pleasure.

I start to retreat back towards the street when I hear the woman’s pitch change. Her low moans of pleasure have become more primal. I hear three things in that sound – pain, fear, and pleasure. I push the last thought away. Pleasure? Unlikely. I spin around and take a step towards the couple. The man is still kissing the woman’s neck. I see a trickle of blood. He isn’t kissing her neck; he is biting it – hard. I feel adrenaline flood through me.

“Stop,” I shout, covering the distance between the couple and myself in six long strides. “Let her go. Right now.”

I have my service revolver trained on the couple. The man pulls his head up from the woman’s neck. The blood cascades down, soaking into her dress. But I am focusing on the man, trying to memorize his face. Maybe he’s got a prior. Maybe I can sit down with a sketch artist later.

His face is handsome, though extremely pale, and his body is muscular and broad. I nickname him Mister Muscles without even thinking about it. He smiles widely at me. And then he vanishes.

Just like that, he is gone.

But suddenly I feel an arm on my shoulder.

“What did you see?” Mister Muscles demands. There is blood on his mouth and my stomach drops as if I’ve never seen any of the gruesome things I encounter daily in my line of work.

“Nothing,” My mind goes blank for a moment. “I swear, I didn’t see anything,” I plead.

The man’s grip is forming bruises on my arms, I can tell. I struggle, but it is no use. He has me completely in his control…

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