Underworld Movies: All There is to Know About the Underworld Movie Series

The Underworld Movie Series is one of the most successful series in history. It has grossed over $1 billion worldwide. It’s not hard to understand why this popular movie series is so well-loved by fans and critics alike!

In this blog post, we will explore all there is to know about the Underworld Movie Series. We’ll go through each movie and analyze them for you so that you can make an informed decision when deciding whether or not to watch them!

What is the order of the underworld movies?

The first Underworld movie was released in 2003. The story is about a girl named Selene, who was born into the world of vampires and werewolves. She must fight against both species to prevent them from destroying each other with war as well as protect herself and her family. Selene is played by Kate Beckinsale who is also the star in all of the following movies.

The Second Underworld Movie is about a new war between the vampires and lycans, with Selene as their one hope. It’s an action packed movie that has some of the most impressive fight scenes in history!

Underworld: Rise of the Lycans tells us how Lucian came to be leader of both races, which began when he was bitten by another werewolf during his childhood. This story also includes elements from Dracula this time around- you get to know more about Michael Corvin (the main character) because it follows him back before he became a vampire too.

It introduces us to Sonja who meets up with her brother after being imprisoned for many years due to false accusations against her. She finds out that their father had been killed in an assassination, so she starts to work with Lucian and Selene.

Underworld: Evolution is about the daughter of a vampire who doesn’t want anything to do with her heritage until she has no other choice but to save herself from being captured by lycans. She teams up with Michael Corvin (again!) and they end up falling for each other too!

Who are the main characters in underworld?

Selen is the main character in the Underworld series. She is a vampire hunter who happens to be half-vampire herself – her mother was taken by vampires and bitten while she was pregnant with Selen, meaning that Selen’s father is Dracula himself!

Michael Corvin is the mainlove interest of Selene – that doesn’t mean he’s going to be featured heavily in every single one though! Michael is not only important because his father was bitten by Dracula but also because he himself can turn into a werewolf-like creature known as Lycan when moonlight touches his skin for prolonged periods of time. This trait makes him an extremely valuable asset to Viktor’s army – so much so that it even becomes their goal to capture him alive during the final battle with Selene and her Immortals.

Lucian was bitten by a werewolf while living on earth centuries ago which is why he’s able fight off the daylight effects that vampires usually experience during daytime hours. He also falls in love with Selene, who is a vampire and his sworn enemy.

Viktor wants to convert humans into vampires in order for them to be able to feed on the “human cattle” without being stopped by sunlight or silver bullets.

The Vampire-Lycan war seems like it will never end – but Viktor has other plans besides just killing Lucian. He’s working with The Lycans to create an army of lycan/vampire hybrids that he hopes will eventually replace all pureblood vampires as well as kill any immortal human beings living on earth so they can finally have total control of Earth forever!

Eve is the daughter of Selene and Michael Corvin and the mother of David.

Lycan leader Marius has created an army of werewolves , which he uses to attack the vampire stronghold, while Selene and Viktor travel with David’s help in a heavily armored car. After fighting off the werewolves, Lycan leader Marius springs out of nowhere and attacks them.

Who are the Elders in Underworld?

The Elders are an ancient vampire sect that is the ruling elite of all vampires. They maintain order among most other vampires, with their numbers being few in comparison to the rest of supernatural beings including lycans and werewolves. For this reason they are often called on when there is a dispute between different clans or species – like during Selene’s trial for hunting Michael Corvin without permission from them which leads to her banishment as well as Lucian’s death sentence of 100 years imprisonment by Viktor, who led his clan against theirs at The Trial.

In Underworld Evolution we see one Elder named Semira offer another Elder named Marcus immortality if he kills Selene: He refuses, but she does it anyway because she doesn’t need him anymore. Semira is the only Elder to have been seen in Evolution. In Underworld, Katherine’s father Viktor was an aging Elder who had lost his immortality due to a deal he made with a lycan named Lucian and Lestat who gave him some vampire blood that would kill vampires but turn humans into immortals like them.

Who is the strongest character in Underworld?

The strongest character in the Underworld movie series is Selene, but not because of her fighting skills. She has a lot of power and even though she doesn’t know it at first, she becomes an Elder just like Viktor was.

Lucian is also strong since he survives 100 years in prison before getting out and then goes on to be the leader for his clan again after releasing himself from being trapped by Khivar’s spell that made him forget everything.

Seline does have some good fighting skills as well as powerful weapons such as guns with silver bullets or daggers laced with wolfsbane (a type of herb that can kill vampires). Her strength comes mostly from what others give her: In the beginning we see many other immortals who are able to fight well and she receives their blood which gives her power

Is Selene Sonja’s daughter?

No, Selene is not Sonja’s daughter. She was given up at birth by her parents who were killed in an attack led by Viktor on the Lycan clan where she lived with them and named for a goddess of the moon in their mythology. After being captured again when Lucian frees Lestat from his cell to kill Viktor, she escapes thanks to Bane and returns home only to find that Semira has been crowned as Elder due to Katherine’s absence.

In Underworld: Blood Wars it’s revealed that all three Elders have died offscreen between Evolution and Blood Wars because they’re old enough for immortality but still inexperienced and don’t know how to maintain it without blood like Marcus does while he trains Selene in the art of Demon Hunting.

How does Michael Corvin die?

In Underworld, the first film of the series, Michael Corvin is killed by Viktor while attempting to escape from Viktor’s laboratory. In Evolution we see that he dies at Selene’s hands but it also suggests that she may have let him die when he was about to turn into a vampire and thus be an immortal like her – which would suggest she did not want immortality after all.

What are some other movies in this genre?

Some films with similar themes include Blade Trilogy (1998-2004), I Am Legend (2007) Interview With The Vampire: 30th Anniversary Edition ­­(2002), Rise Of The Lycans ­(2009) Van Helsing (2004).

Is Underworld Awakening the last movie?

No, there will be more Underworld movies. The last movie is called “Underworld: Blood Wars.”

The first film in the series, Underworld (2003), was not a box office success and received mixed reviews from critics. However it did well on DVD and has since acquired a cult following!

The latest installment of this series was released March 30th 2017 – titled ‘Underworld Awakening’ with Anna Foerster at the helm as Director.

Conclusion: In conclusion, I would recommend the Underworld Movie Series to anyone who’s a fan of action movies. This series has something for everyone with its variety in plot and character development!

You can find out more about this popular movie series by reading our blog post all there is to know about the underworld movie series. We hope you enjoyed this blog post.

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