The Best Ghost Love Stories: Top Paranormal Romance Books with Ghosts

In this article, we will be discussing ghost love stories. We will list our top 10 favorite ghost love stories. We’ll also give you a list of the best paranormal romance books about ghosts that are available on Amazon right now. If you’re looking for a good ghost story to spook your day, then this is the place to go!

Ghost love stories are a favorite for many people. There is something so romantic about the idea of someone following you around, never being seen but still there in your life. Ghost love stories have been popularized by movies such as When Harry Met Sally and The Notebook with Ryan Gosling. We will be discussing our top ten ghost love story books to read this Halloween season!

A good ghost story can make any reader’s skin crawl or send chills up their spine. Ghosts seem to know what scares us most: death itself, an unexpected visitor at night, homes that aren’t safe anymore–the things we’re afraid might happen if we think too much on them before bedtime… For some readers looking for lesser-known ghost stories, these ten books are some of the best.

The Woman in Black by Susan Hill – One winter night on a lonely road outside London, Arthur Kipps is overcome by an inexplicable urge to turn back from his journey home and walk into the dark woods… What follows this fateful decision sets him on a course not only for personal tragedy but also national history–a hauntingly powerful novel about guilt and sorrow, loss and love set against one of England’s most dramatic periods: World War I.

A Light in The Window by Jan Karon – Father Tim has just returned home after a year in Rome when he takes on an unusual parish project: He’s asked to find what happened to one family’s missing son–a womanizing ne’er-do-well who abandoned his wife and children years ago… An emotional journey that becomes more than any man should have to bear alone, it leads him deep into forgotten corners of this small town called Mitford as well as back into

The Ghost Bride by Yangsze Choo-In 1857, the British Empire struck a deal with China: Great Britain would establish market ports and routes through coastal provinces in return for opening up trade. In an effort to meet its end of the bargain, Arthur Smith arrives at the tiny village where he hopes to build his first trading post on land belonging to a rice farmer named Ah Ling. The ghost bride is horrified when she learns her husband’s new business partner will be a white devil from England – so what can she do? She turns herself into one too!

The Drowning Pool by Anne Rivers Siddons-A little girl is left orphaned when her parents are killed in an accident. The only family she has left is her Uncle. But he has a wife and family, and they have little time for the grief-stricken child. They send her to live with an aunt who lives in Savannah Georgia – but she’s not one of them either. The Drowning Pool tells the story of one special summer when she finally learns what love really means.”

A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens-In this wintry tale told as only he can tell it, Dickens transports us with humor, tenderness and understanding deep inside that sacred time known as “the season.” For a few short weeks, he shows us how to open our hearts and share what is precious. A wonderful book for anyone who wants the world around them to be merry and bright as Christmas morning.

Stephen King has written books about Ghosts such as Carrie. “Carrie by Stephen King: If you’ve ever been the new girl in school or felt like an outcast…and then discovered that you had telekinesis–you’ll sympathize with Carrie White. Bullied at school and ignored at home, only her beloved younger brother understands her.”-Good Reads Reviewer

Best Ghost Romance Books for Fans of Paranormal Thrillers

Whether you’re looking for a spooky read to get you in the Halloween spirit or you’re just a fan of paranormal thrillers, these 10 ghost romance books are sure to thrill and captivate you. 1. The Haunting of Hill House” by Shirley Jackson One of the most classic ghost stories of all time, “The Haunting of Hill House” is the perfect read for any fan of ghost romance. The story follows four people who spend the summer in a haunted house, and soon discover that the house is far more haunted than they could have ever imagined. 2. “The Girl on the Train” by Paula Hawkins Another classic, “The Girl on the Train” is a psychological thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat. The story follows Rachel, a woman who becomes obsessed with a couple she sees everyday on her train ride to work. When the woman in the couple goes missing, Rachel becomes a suspect in the investigation. 3. “The Shining” by Stephen King If you’re looking for a spooky ghost story, look no further than “The Shining” by Stephen King. The story follows the Torrance family as they move into the Overlook Hotel for the winter. Soon, the family is beset by ghosts and other supernatural phenomena. 4. “The Amityville Horror” by Jay Anson If you’re looking for a true-life ghost story, “The Amityville Horror” is the perfect read for you. The story follows the Lutz family as they move into the infamous Amityville house, only to discover that the house is haunted by the spirits of the previous owners. 5. “The exorcist” by William Peter Blatty One of the most famous horror stories of all time, “The exorcist” is the story of a young woman who is possessed by a demon. When her family turns to a priest for help, the priest must perform an exorcism to rid her of the demon. 

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