The Alpha’s Demand (Werewolves of Boulder Junction Book 2)

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Returning from their vacation to Paris, all that Liam Conway and Skylar Moore were expecting to learn was how to juggle their newly found responsibilities of leading the wolf pack and managing his vast and powerful business empire. But when he and Skylar return home, they find that their mansion had been burnt to the ground, leaving them with little to no clues as to the culprit or reason for the arson. It was a mistake to think that returning home to Boulder Junction would be anything but tumultuous.

The situation quickly takes a turn for the worse as Farah, their housekeeper, has gone missing. Skylar starts to have strange and haunting nightmares which seem to be trying to send her a warning. With no one to trust, Liam and Skylar must somehow unravel the mystery and find out who is behind the arson and the missing housekeeper.

The stakes are high and the danger is real. With their very lives on the line, Liam and Skylar must figure out who is behind these sinister events and put a stop to it before it’s too late. As they delve deeper into the mystery, they find out more than they bargained for, and they soon discover that even their own pack may not be as loyal as they once thought.

The situation quickly spirals out of control, and Liam and Skylar find themselves in a battle for their lives. With the hunters on their tails and a traitor within the pack, Liam and Skylar must find a way to outwit their adversaries and bring justice to the ones responsible for the arson and Farah’s disappearance.

The Alpha’s Demand is the second of the Werewolves of Boulder Junction Series by Martha Woods. If you love strong female protagonists, alpha males, and thrilling paranormal romance, then The Alpha’s Demand will have you turning the pages all night long.

Martha Woods is an Amazon bestselling author of several paranormal romance series, including the Werewolves of Boulder Junction Series. Her books feature strong female characters, intense action, and thrilling suspense. Her writing style is gripping, and her characters are captivating.

If you love stories featuring werewolves, action, and romance, then you should definitely read Martha Woods’ books. Her books will keep you on the edge of your seat as you follow the characters on their journey of discovery and adventure.

Don’t miss out on The Alpha’s Demand, the second of the Werewolves of Boulder Junction Series by Martha Woods. If you like strong female protagonists, billionaire alpha males and deadly consequences than this werewolf shifter paranormal romance will have you turning the pages all night long.

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