The Vampire’s Salvation (Fatal Allure Book 7)

The Vampire’s Salvation (Fatal Allure Book 7)

After the discovery of the true nature of the serial killer that has been plaguing young witches, a terrifying plan of death is on the horizon for not just Amy, but paranormal kind as she knows it. The only hope that any of them have is in a last-ditch plan to use their fragile alliance to draw the killer out into the open.

Not such a small task when half of you still want to kill each other.

Compounding this she also needs to find a way to bring Vincent back from the Abyss, clear her name for murder and hopefully still have a job a week from now.

It’s been a busy few days for Amy, and it’s about to get a lot busier.

Find out in the latest installment of the Fatal Allure Series!

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