The Vampire’s Curse (Fatal Allure Book 3)

The Vampire’s Curse (Fatal Allure Book 3)

Do you love PNR?

Do you like strong female protagonists?

Amy is a snarky badass!

The streets are dangerous. Only the savvy survive. Amy has talked herself out a many tight spot. Now the streets of L.A run red with murder.

Words won’t save her time.

Vincent has never met a woman like Amy. Not in over 114 years as vampire has he been so taken. He is a supernatural enforcer. The vampire‘s laws are his code.

Behind the murders is an evil shaman. He has a taste of revenge.

Now wait and watch the sparks fly as their two worlds collide.

You’ll instantly fall in love with this fatal attraction, because it comes with a seductively ravishing bite!

Don’t miss out on the Fatal Allure Series by Martha Woods. If you like strong female protagonists, alpha males and deadly consequences than this vampire paranormal romance will have you turning the pages all night long. 

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