The Vampire’s Return (Fatal Allure Book 8)

The Vampire’s Return (Fatal Allure Book 8)

With Vincent brought back from the brink of death, Amy can finally relax and focus on trying to build something resembling civility between Damon and him, to spend time with the two men that she was prepared to give her heart and soul to.

Well, in a perfect world she would be able to focus on that, but with a serial killer on the loose there wasn’t much chance for an investigator to focus on their personal life, not when it was their job to be detached and clinical.

Except this case is much more personal than she would like, especially when she recognizes the first victim as a member of her fragile paranormal alliance, and the signs are pointing towards paranormal involvement…

Will Amy be able to solve the crime before the body count gets too high? Will she be able to save the day and the lives of innocents? And for the love of god, will she be able to get Vincent and Damon to have a normal conversation for once?

The odds are against her on all counts, but when has that ever stopped her before?

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