Best Motorcycle Romance Books for MC Romance Lovers

It’s no secret that motorcycle riders are a passionate bunch. They love their bikes and they love their women. With the popularity of the MC romance genre, it was only natural for motorcycle riders to be looking for books with a little more spice than what they were finding on bookstore shelves. And so, we at Motorcycle Romance Books came up with our own line of motorcycle romance novels to fill this niche!

What is MC Romance and what makes it so addictive?

MC (Motorcycle Club) Romances is a sub-genre that is very intense, scorching and addictive. The author has to be able to write very hot scenes that are gritty, emotional, and sometimes violent. This genre only deals with the manliest of alpha men who have a motorcycle club as their family and always ride together no matter what!

What makes these books so addicting is how they focus on loyalty among MC members (even when it might not make sense). When one member needs help or there’s trouble brewing in town all the other members rally around him–no questions asked. That kind of camaraderie can’t just be found anywhere in life anymore which makes these book series’ so attractive to readers.

This article covers both mainstream and indie novels about MC romances. So whether you’re a fan of Sons Of Anarchy or not, we have something here for everyone! What sets these books apart is that they often feature two very different worlds: on one hand there’s life out in society where people live by rules; while on the other hand there are outlaws living outside civilization without any rules.

Why do readers love Motorcycle (MC) romance?

A lot of people read Motorcycle (MC) romance novels to escape from reality for a little while and explore other worlds that feel more authentic than their own. These stories often portray love in its truest form, without all the superficial trappings we’re used to seeing on TV or in movies nowadays. They also give readers some insight into what it would be like if they lived an outlaw’s life themselves – which can be both liberating and terrifying!

The best way you could enjoy these books is by using your imagination: envisioning yourself as one of the characters who’s living outside society with no rules whatsoever; this includes everything about your appearance (both exterior as well as interior) but also how you speak, your behaviour and how you live.

A motorcycle club is a highly sophisticated society that we never see in mainstream media – but it’s one of the few ways for men to be completely free from societal constraints!

Here is a list of my favorite Motorcycle romance books:

1) Her One and Only by Bella Jewel

-This book was so addicting! I read it in a day, every second of the story filled with suspense.

In this MC romance book: Harper’s family is shot down when she’s 16 and escapes from her home to live an outlaw life on the road. She gets caught up with an elite motorcycle club called “The Savages” but things get complicated as soon as she starts developing feelings for two different men…

A biker lifestyle isn’t just about riding motorcycles; you have to be prepared to do anything that comes your way – and if you’re not tough enough then there are plenty of other women who will take your place. It can seem like being part of a gang is all fun and games until you see the violence, drugs, and sex that is actually going on. Harper starts to realize that she can’t have everything she wants…

– I loved this book because it felt so real! The struggles of being a biker girl are well represented in Her One And Only by Bella Jewel. It’s gritty but charming at the same time with its deep descriptions of the MC lifestyle from flashbacks to present day.

2) Sydney Storm MC By Nina Levine

This book is raw and gritty. It’s set in a motorcycle club with its fair share of violence, drugs, sex, and intrigue. But it also has an underlying sweetness that will make you want more! Nina Levine takes us on a thrill ride as Sydney Storm tries to find her place within the MC world after she survived some pretty harrowing events when she was younger. I loved this book because it felt so real! The struggles of being a biker girl are well represented in Her One And Only by Bella Jewel. It’s gritty but charming at the same time with its deep descriptions of the MC lifestyle from flashbacks to present day.”

3) Insurgent’s MC By Chiah Wilder

In this exciting series, we get to see a whole new side of Insurgent. He’s become more hands-on when it comes to running his motorcycle club, and he has also gotten himself into some pretty messy situations with the feds–things that make him question whether or not he actually wants any part of being an outlaw anymore. Chiah Wilder brings us another well written book full of suspenseful drama between members of two rival clubs who are fighting for their right to exist!

4) Reaper’s MC By Joanna Wylde

Joanna Wylde does an excellent job at writing about this group of outlaws and their hectic lifestyle, but it’s also quite touching to see them reunite with loved ones after so much tragedy.

This is one motorcycle club romance novel series that isn’t afraid to show its readers what life on the run is really like: gritty, dirty, dangerous–and so damn good!” “I’ve got your six.” This line from Reaper’s MC by Joanna Wylde perfectly sums up these characters’ commitment to each other as they fight for their right to exist against rival clubs who refuse to leave them alone.”

5) Sons of Sangue (A Vampire MC Series) By Patricia A Rasey

In Sons of Sangue by Patricia A Rasey and Chiah Wilder’s Insurgent MC series, both motorcycle groups have to fight it out for their right to exist while navigating through dangerous situations that come from being outlaws. Both well written fiction novels full of suspenseful drama will keep readers turning pages until they finish them up! If you already read one or both authors’ books, you will not be disappointed with their newest release!

6) Storm MC By Nina Levine

Nina Levine’s newest release, Storm MC is a continuation of her popular “Storm Boys Motorcycle Club.” Readers have been anxiously awaiting this sequel and won’t be disappointed with its arrival. It has all the drama, suspenseful moments and complex relationships one could ask for in an MC novel! This story picks up right where it left off, with the Storm Boys MC charter in chaos.

Nina Levine has written a well-crafted novel that is sure to please all her fans! Her characters are believable and readers will find themselves yearning for more of them at the end of this book. If you’re looking for a riveting motorcycle romance story, look no further than this one by Nina Levine!”

The Storm Girls Motorcycle Club continues on its path of destruction as they crash their way into new towns, wreaking havoc. They never expect what awaits them when they come across an abandoned building deep in the woods…but nothing can stop these girls from finding out who’s behind it! This second installment to The Big Dirty series was just released and offers readers a new twist to this MC romance series.

7) Iron Wolves MC By Elle Boon

Elle Boon’s Iron Wolves MC series is a good one for those who enjoy the biker trope and thrillers. This story follows three estranged brothers on their motorcycle adventure through Europe. The story starts with the youngest brother, Jace, who’s been kidnapped by a crime boss. His brothers come to rescue him and find themselves in an international drug trafficking ring that takes them all over Europe.

While their motorcycle club is struggling for money after losing territory in America, they aren’t going down without a fight! They finally have enough guns and ammunition to wage what could be their last war on the other clubs trying to take them out of power.”

Readers can expect plenty of twists and turns as these bikers go from being ruthless outlaws to heroes fighting for justice. This series has everything readers want: romance, mystery, suspenseful thrillers…and motorcycles!”

8) Night Rebels MC By Chiah Wilder

A motorcycle club struggling to stay afloat is trying their best to keep themselves from being taken over by other clubs in the area but they aren’t going down without a fight! The story focuses on brothers torn apart from one another when fighting for what’s right. Readers will enjoy plenty of twists and turns as these bikers go from ruthless outlaws to heroes fighting for justice; this series has everything readers want: Romance, mystery, suspenseful thrillers…and motorcycles.”

9) Dirty Angels MC By Jeanne St. James

Dirty Angels MC By Jeanne St. James is about a motorcycle club on the verge of extinction. When a woman shows up and offers them an out, they’ll have to make some hard decisions about their future. It’s not always easy being the bad guy!

10) The MC Sinners By Bella Jewel

The MC Sinners is a gritty motorcycle club romance about the youngest President of an outlaw motorcycle club and his unlikely girl.

11) Motorcycle Man By Kristen Ashley

Motorcycle Man by Kristen Ashley tells the story of Blyss, who has had one long-term relationship with her bike before meeting up with Kellen, another rider she’s instantly attracted to. It doesn’t take long for them to become friends—maybe more than friends…and then he breaks her heart without warning or explanation.”

12) The Outlaw Takes A Bride By Julie Garwood

Marie Lamontagne may be outcast in 18th century Scotland as a witch but that won’t stop McNab from wanting revenge on those who have wronged him! When a hunky motorcyclist comes around to her shop for repairs and breaks down into a tantrum, Marie knows he’s the perfect target.

13) The River Thief By Tiffany Reisz

When Julie stumbles across someone trying to break into an abandoned cabin, she thinks they’re up to no good. But then it becomes clear something else altogether: they are being hunted as prey by Zane—a gorgeous but terrifying stranger with violent tendencies.”

14) On His Knees By Tara Sue Me

Biker Cole is in town on business when he meets up with an old flame who has turned out just as hot as she was ten years ago. He’d love nothing more than to pick right back up where they left off but something about her seems different.”

15) Sons Of Anarchy By Kathy Love

Sons of Anarchy tells the story about everyone in town talking about how bad-ass motorcycle club president Jackson “Jax” Teller looks like while he rides his motorcycle down the street. But it’s not all about looking cool, Jax is also a very smart and determined man with an iron will to do what he needs to get done.”

16) Hard As A Motherf%#$er by Ruthie Knox

Born into one of the county’s most notorious motorcycle clubs as its queen, she has always been in love with her best friend and club president—the now dead husband who destroyed her world and left behind two children.”

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Motorcycle Romance Books: The New Trend in Romance Novels

Forget the horse and buggy. Romance novels today are all about motorcycles. And no one offers a better selection of MC romance books than Wild Horse Publishing. Our authors know how to spin a good yarn about love and motorcycles. From bad boys to reformed rebels, our books will take you on a wild ride you won’t want to end. So what are you waiting for? Start reading today and you’ll be on the edge of your seat the whole way.

Motorcycle Romance Books: The Perfect Gift for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and if you are looking for the perfect gift for the motorcycle enthusiast in your life, look no further than a motorcycle romance book. Motorcycle romance books are the perfect blend of action, suspense, and romance, and they are sure to keep your loved one entertained for hours on end. There are a number of different motorcycle romance books available on the market, but if you are looking for the best of the best, then you need to check out the books written by Kristen Ashley. Kristen Ashley is the author of the Chaos series, which is a series of motorcycle romance books that follows the members of the Chaos MC. The books are full of action, suspense, and romance, and they are sure to keep your loved one entertained from beginning to end. If you are looking for a motorcycle romance book that will keep your loved one entertained for hours on end, then be sure to check out the books written by Kristen Ashley. Kristen Ashley is the author of the Chaos series, which is a series of motorcycle romance books that follows the members of the Chaos MC. The books are full of action, suspense, and romance, and they are sure to keep your loved one entertained from beginning to end.

Motorcycle Romance Books: 5 Reasons to Read Them

1. Romance is in the air. 2. Exciting new worlds to explore. 3. The thrill of the unknown. 4. A break from reality. 5. An escape to another time and place.

Motorcycle Romance Books: The New Chick Lit

? In the early days of motorcycling, women who rode were considered to be a bit of an anomaly. Even now, the number of women motorcyclists is still a small minority, but their numbers are growing. There’s something about the feeling of the wind in your hair and the power of the bike between your legs that is irresistible. And it’s not just the freedom of the open road that appeals to women riders, it’s the sense of community and brotherhood that comes from being part of the motorcycling fraternity. It’s no wonder, then, that motorcycle romance books are becoming increasingly popular. These books offer the best of both worlds – a thrilling love story combined with the excitement and adventure of life on two wheels. If you’re looking for a great motorcycle romance book to read, here are a few of our favourites: 1. “The Girl Who Rode the Wind” by Stacy Juba 2. “Biker Chic” by Vicki Lewis Thompson 3. “Bad Boys of the Road” by Carolyn Crane 4. “The Devil’s Lady” by Lorelei James 5. “Riding the Edge” by Shannon McKenna 6. “Take the Reins” by Jennie Lucas 7. “The Wild One” by Kristen Ashley 8. “The Outlaw’s Bride” by Carolyn Davidson 9. “Laced with Desire” by Christine Feehan 10. “Blessed Are the Bikers” by Misty Malone If you’re looking for a great new read, why not give one of these motorcycle romance books a try? You won’t be disappointed!

Motorcycle Romance Books: More Than Just a Love Story

Motorcycle clubs have been a part of American culture for decades. They are a brotherhood, a family, and for some, a way of life. Many outsiders view these clubs as dangerous, lawless organizations, but those who are a part of them know that’s not always the case. MCs are often looked down upon, but the members are fiercely loyal to one another and the club. They can be a tight-knit group, and for some, that’s all they need. But what happens when one of these members meets someone who stirs something inside them they’ve never felt before? What if they find themselves falling in love with someone who is completely different from them? This is the premise of motorcycle romance books. MCs are often stereotyped as rough and tough, but the truth is, they’re just like everyone else. They have feelings and they fall in love. And when they do, it’s a beautiful thing. MC romance books offer a different perspective on this world. They show the softer side of these men, the side that is often hidden from the public. They show that these clubs are made up of real people who have real feelings and who are capable of love. If you’re looking for a good read and you’re interested in motorcycle romance books, then you’ve come to the right place. Here, you’ll find the best of the best when it comes to MC romance novels. So sit back, relax, and enjoy.

Motorcycle Romance Books: Setting the Romance Standard

Motorcycle clubs have always held a certain appeal for the general public. They’re seen as a bit dangerous, a bit outlaw, and a lot sexy. When it comes to romance novels, motorcycle clubs have been a popular setting for love stories for years. There’s something about the idea of a bad boy in a leather jacket that sets the heart racing, and motorcycle clubs have capitalized on that by offering some of the best romance novels around. If you’re looking for a steamy read that will transport you to another world, then you need to check out some of the best motorcycle club romance novels out there. Bikers aren’t always the bad boys that people think they are. In fact, many of them are just like any other person, with the same hopes and dreams. However, there’s something about the biker lifestyle that seems to attract a certain type of person, and that’s what makes for great romance novels. Whether you’re looking for a suspenseful read or a heartwarming story, you can find a motorcycle club romance book that will suit your needs. These novels offer everything from the perfect alpha male to strong female characters who can hold their own. If you’re looking for a great romance novel, then you need to check out a motorcycle club romance book.

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