Dragon Shifter Romance

An Overview of Dragon Shifters Romance

If you’re a fan of the paranormal romance genre, you’ve probably already heard of dragon shifters.

The books have been popular lately, and with good reason: dragon shifters are a hot new addition to the roster of supernatural creatures that seem to be appearing in fiction more and more these days.

In fact, the last time I checked the new releases at Barnes and Noble, there were literally lines out the door when I pulled into the parking lot, and I had to circle the lot for a while before I found a parking space.

It’s hard to believe that the dragon romance genre was once considered niche. But in recent years, it’s grown by leaps and bounds. Dragon shifter romance is a subtype of the genre that features hot, fire-breathing dragon heroes in love with human women who can’t believe what’s happening to them.

Just as werewolf shifter romance is between a human and a werewolf, or vampire romance is between a human and a vampire, dragon shifter romance is between a human and a dragon. Dragon shifter lovers are often larger than life, powerful beings who are able to take on the traits of both the human and the dragon.

Why Read Dragon Romance Shifter Series?

Life is supposed to be exciting and adventurous. However, for many people, life feels more like a routine. We go to work, we go home, we watch TV, we go to sleep, and we repeat. The life of a dragon shifter is not supposed to be like this. You are supposed to be living life to the fullest and experiencing the greatest adventures. Martha Woods’ dragon shifter romance is a great way to spice up your life. These books are filled with fantasy and adventure, romance and suspense, and even a little steamy romance. They will give you a glimpse into the life of a dragon shifter, and it might inspire you to live life more fully.

Have you ever read a book and felt like you left your world for a short while? That’s kind of how I feel when I read a book about dragons and shifters. To me, it’s almost like being in a different world, one that I don’t have to be afraid to visit. I am not afraid of dragons because I know that they are really nice if you get to know them. (They are also really strong and can fly, so that’s a huge plus!) Dragons and shifters are what make paranormal romance books so attractive.

Dragon Shifter Characters

When you hear the words “dragon” and “shifter”, you probably think of the same things.

You think of strong men who are passionate, loyal, protective (not to mention a little bossy). You think of women who are independent, passionate, and drop-dead gorgeous. And you think of romance—the kind that sizzles with each page…

The dragon shifter hero is typically a powerful, dominant male character who saves the (human) heroine from danger.

Dragon shifter romance books typically contain a lot of action and drama. Dragon shifter relationships are often forbidden and the couple must face great odds to be together.

Dragon Shifter Settings

In the world of paranormal romance, dragons are often featured as villains or objects of desire. When they are the subject of a story, the dragon is typically stuck in a cave or some other sort of prison, and the heroine is the one who frees the dragon.

Why is that?

Where are dragon romances set in?

The truth is, dragons in the real world can be very dangerous creatures. No sane woman is going to want to take the risk of waking a dragon unless she has a very good reason.

Dragon romance novels are typically set in fictional lands featuring dragons, humans, elves, dwarves, and other mythical creatures. The plot of a dragon romance novel usually follows a mortal protagonist that falls in love with a dragon that is either (1) a good dragon or (2) a bad dragon, depending on the genre of the novel.

Dragon shifter romance books are usually set in the medieval period, usually somewhere in Europe, often with a romanticized version of the Middle Ages, although many contemporary books are written in modern times.

Recommendation for Dragon Romance Books

As the publisher of many Dragon Shifter romances, I am frequently asked for book recommendations, so I thought I’d share some of my favorite authors with everyone.

Most people are familiar with Lora Leigh and Christine Feehan. Their books are erotic without being pornographic and are well-written and engaging.

I love the Dragon series by Heather Long, but I have to admit, my favorite book in the series is “Dragon Justice” by Sarah Mäkelä.

I love this book because it is a murder mystery (mysteries are my favorite genre) with a paranormal twist. It has an element of suspense, but also has a lot of laugh-out-loud humor.

The Dragon Heir (by Adrienne Woods) is an exciting read that is a combination of fantasy and paranormal romance.

It is the first book in a new series, based around the idea of a girl being kidnapped and taken to another world. There she is forced to marry the heir to the throne, but then she discovers that he has a secret.

She also discovers that he is, in fact, a dragon who can change into a human. However, she falls in love with him anyway, and after seeing his true self she decides to try to find a way to help him defeat the evil tyrant who has taken over their world.

If you want to check my own Dragon Shifter Romance Series, make sure to check out The Dragon’s Redemption!

“Martha Woods is a romance writer who has a passion for books. She has written several books in the dragon shifter romance series. Her books are great for anyone who is bored of life and wants to escape into a world of fantasy and adventure.

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