Best Of 2014 Suzannes Picks

Explore the adventurous and exciting worlds created by Meljean Brook in ‘The Kraken King’ and Ilona Andrews in ‘Magic Breaks’. Both these gripping novels have secured their places in the ‘Best Of 2014 Suzanne’s Picks’ . With their mix of thrilling storylines, intriguing characters, and heart-racing romance, they’ve topped the charts of the most loved releases of the year. Let’s dive in to find out why these books were the top picks in this popular list.

Title Author Genre Why it’s a top pick
The Kraken King Meljean Brook Adventure, Romance With its unique blend of romance and adventure, this book captivates the readers from start to finish. Plus, the intriguing characters and the steamy romance make it a must-read.
Magic Breaks Ilona Andrews Fantasy, Romance Magic Breaks is an addictive read due to its strong and engaging storyline, exciting characters, and the intense romance between Kate and Curran, the main characters.

Detailed Review of The Kraken King

Stepping into the world of ‘The Kraken King’ brings readers on an exhilarating journey filled with adventure and romance. This masterpiece by Meljean Brook has earned its rightful spot in the ‘Best Of 2014 Suzanne’s Picks’ .

This particular read takes you on a passionate ride filled with suspense and excitement that leaves you craving for more. The story unfolds with a heroine whose tenacity and spirit captivate the reader’s heart and a hero whose enigmatic charm makes you fall head over heels.

The beautiful narrative combined with its intriguing undertones of adventure and romance makes this release a standout choice in the ‘Best Of 2014 Suzanne’s Picks’ . It’s no surprise that even after being read earlier in the year, this novel has left an indelible impression that makes it a top choice for Suzanne.

Author Meljean Brook
Genre Adventure, Romance
Main Characters An adventurous heroine and a charming hero
Plot Overview A thrilling journey of love and adventure that captivates the reader’s heart
Appeal The intense romance, engaging characters, and exciting adventure make it a top pick in ‘Best Of 2014 Suzanne’s Picks’ .
Best Of 2014 Suzannes Picks

Comprehensive Review of Magic Breaks

Ilona Andrews’ ‘Magic Breaks’ is an exhilarating ride into a realm where fantasy and romance blend to create an addictive story.

This captivating book, part of the Kate Daniels series, features an engaging plot, compelling characters, and a heart-stopping romance that has readers riveted from the first page to the last.

This enthralling narrative is a clear standout and deservedly finds its place in the ‘Best Of 2014 Suzanne’s Picks’ .

The novel’s allure lies in its multi-layered plot that weaves together a myriad of elements including mystery, action, and humor, all against the backdrop of a beautifully crafted fantasy world.

With the spellbinding romance between the fierce and independent heroine, Kate, and the formidable Beast Lord, Curran, ‘Magic Breaks’ sets the bar high for fantasy romance.

If you’re looking for an unforgettable read that will have you hooked from beginning to end, this high-stakes tale of magic, love, and adventure is a must-read.

  • Author: Ilona Andrews
  • Genre: Fantasy, Romance
  • Main Characters: Kate Daniels and Curran Lennart, the Beast Lord
  • Plot Overview: A gripping tale of magic, love, and adventure in a brilliantly imagined fantasy world
  • Appeal: Its captivating plot, endearing characters, and intense romance make ‘Magic Breaks’ a highlight in the ‘Best Of 2014 Suzanne’s Picks’ .

Unearthed Gem: A Review of Prince of Hearts by Margaret Foxe

Unearthing a literary gem like ‘Prince of Hearts’ by Margaret Foxe is what makes the exploration of new books so rewarding. Basking in the glow of Suzanne’s ‘Best Of 2014 Picks’, this novel is a testament to the allure of stepping outside one’s comfort zone and taking a risk on a book based solely on its intriguing cover.

This whimsical foray into the world of vampires and steampunk proves to be a delightful surprise, weaving together an enchanting romance with a dash of suspense and a generous helping of adventure.

The chemistry between the brooding, centuries-old professor and his beleaguered secretary sets the pages aflame, their romance providing an intoxicating backdrop to the enthralling narrative.

Set in a world where steampunk aesthetics and vampire lore coalesce into a unique and captivating universe, ‘Prince of Hearts’ is a standout addition to the ‘Best Of 2014 Suzanne’s Picks.

  • Author: Margaret Foxe
  • Genre: Paranormal, Steampunk Romance
  • Main Characters: A centuries-old professor and his beleaguered secretary
  • Plot Overview: A captivating tale of romance, adventure, and suspense set in a unique vampire-steampunk world
  • Appeal: The unique blend of genres, engaging characters, and captivating plot make ‘Prince of Hearts’ a standout in the ‘Best Of 2014 Suzanne’s Picks’.

The allure of ‘Prince of Hearts’ lies not just in its unexpected delight but also in its promise of more thrilling tales to come. Will the allure of the unexpected continue to captivate in the next pick? Read on to find out!

Promising New Series: Hidden Legacy by Ilona Andrews Reviewed

The exemplary skills of Ilona Andrews to create compelling worlds of magic and romance are on full display in the promising new series, ‘Hidden Legacy’. Snagging a spot in the ‘Best Of 2014 Suzannes Picks’, this series offers fervent readers an exquisite blend of raw action, magical intrigue, and a scorching undercurrent of suppressed desire.

Its tantalizing premise built around secretive families with unique magical abilities, intricately woven plots, and characters who are relatable, engaging, and shrouded in mystery makes ‘Hidden Legacy’ a series to behold.

The opening book, ‘Burn for Me’, masterfully introduces readers to the Houston-based world of seemingly ordinary citizens with extraordinary powers. While the main characters wrestle with their rising passions, they also grapple with perilous adventures that readers will undoubtedly find gripping.

Delivered in Andrews’ signature writing style, the book teems with high stakes, deep secrets, and a lingering suspense that sets the tone for an exquisite series. With ‘Hidden Legacy’, the ‘Best Of 2014 Suzanne’s Picks’ collection extends a warm welcome to an exciting new series that stands to redefine fantasy romance.

Be prepared for a series you’ll quickly burn through, hungry for more!

Meet Our Favorite Heroine: Mercy Thompson from Night Broken by Patricia Briggs

In the realm of urban fantasy heroines, one name stands out in the ‘Best Of 2014 Suzanne’s Picks’ – Mercy Thompson from ‘Night Broken’ by Patricia Briggs. Mercy is a character of resilience, humor, and intelligence, traits that have made her a beloved figure among readers. In ‘Night Broken’, we see Mercy tackle obstacles with a grace and grit that is inspiring.

Dealing with an insane god, a manipulative father, and the dreaded ex-wife scenario, Mercy handles it all with her signature humor and smarts. Her fierce loyalty to her pack and her unwavering determination make her an easy choice for the favorite heroine in Suzanne’s Picks.

In ‘Night Broken’, Mercy Thompson is:

  • Resilient – Despite the many challenges thrown her way, Mercy rises to the occasion, exhibiting a strength of character that is admirable.
  • Humorous – Even in the face of danger, Mercy’s wit and humor shine through, lightening the mood and endearing her to readers.
  • Intelligent – Mercy’s intelligence is one of her greatest assets, helping her navigate through the complex supernatural world.
  • Loyal – Her unwavering loyalty to her pack is one of Mercy’s defining traits, cementing her place as a beloved character among readers.
  • Determined – No matter the obstacle, Mercy’s determination never wavers, making her a heroine to root for.

Mercy’s strength and resilience, coupled with her humor and intelligence, make her a standout character in the world of urban fantasy.

Best Of 2014 Suzannes Picks

A Closer Look at Night Broken

Explore into the fascinating world of Patricia Briggs’ ‘Night Broken’ as it takes a well-deserved spot in the ‘Best Of 2014 Suzannes Picks’. This enthralling book is a testament to Briggs’ knack for weaving captivating narratives that stretch beyond the conventional realms of urban fantasy. With our beloved heroine, Mercy Thompson at the helm, ‘Night Broken’ submerges readers into a whirlpool of high-stakes challenges, witty retorts, and supernatural intricacies.

Each page of this book brims with raw emotion and action, making it a read that you absolutely cannot miss.

Delving into the specifics, one cannot ignore the impressive character development that substantiates ‘Night Broken’s position in the ‘Best Of 2014 Suzannes Picks’. Mercy Thompson, with her resilient spirit, sharp humor, and unwavering loyalty, truly steals the show. The depth and complexity of her persona keep readers invested, urging them to root for her throughout her exhilarating journey.

Let’s not forget the thrilling plot that accompanies Mercy. Prepare yourself to be entangled in a web of mysteries, secrets, and nerve-wracking adventures that are guaranteed to keep you at the edge of your seat from start to finish. So, delve into ‘Night Broken’ and revel in the sheer brilliance that earned it its rightful spot in the ‘Best Of 2014 Suzannes Picks.’

Our Pick for Favorite Hero: Wrath from The King by J.R. Ward

Wrapping up Suzanne’s top picks in ‘Best Of 2014 Suzannes Picks’ is none other than Wrath, from J.R. Ward‘s ‘The King.’ This enigmatic character quickly became a favourite among readers with his chiseled physique, long ebony hair, and deeply ingrained sense of duty and loyalty. Wrath’s character exudes an irresistible charm that you can’t help but be drawn to.

His fierce allegiance to his family, friends, and species makes him a standout in a long list of unforgettable characters. But it’s not just his nobility that earns him the coveted spot as the favourite hero in the ‘Best Of 2014 Suzanne’s Picks,’ his tragic past and brave face towards the future only add to his compelling persona.

In ‘The King,’ we delve into the depths of Wrath’s past and witness his struggle to shape a constructive future. His brilliant character development helps you experience his trials, making you feel a personal connection with him.

Through Ward’s beautiful storytelling, you get to see more layers to Wrath’s character; his resolve, his strength, and his vulnerability. He is an exemplary hero – brave, devoted, and intrinsically good, making him an easy choice for the ‘Best Of 2014 Suzanne’s Picks.’

As we move into the next exciting section, be ready to unveil who stands proudly as our pick for the best cover in the ‘Best Of 2014 Suzanne’s Picks’! It’s a visually stunning masterpiece that complements a story worthy of your time and attention.

Why Wrath Wins in The King: A Review

In the ‘Best Of 2014 Suzannes Picks’, J.R. Ward’s ‘The King’ takes a praiseworthy spot, majorly owing to the magnetic persona of the protagonist, Wrath. This intriguing character, with his distinctive attributes and compelling story, has captured the hearts of readers, making the book an undeniable choice for this coveted list. Wrath, with his chiseled physique, long ebony hair, and deeply ingrained sense of duty and loyalty, is a character that readers can’t help but be drawn to. His fierce allegiance to his family, friends, and species makes him an unforgettable character.

Wrath’s appeal goes beyond his physical attraction. His character depth, brilliantly displayed through his tragic past and brave face towards the future, makes him stand out. In ‘The King’, readers get a deeper insight into Wrath’s life, witnessing his struggles and triumphs, which adds layers to his persona. This connection that readers build with Wrath is what makes him not just a character in a book, but someone real and relatable.

This is why Wrath wins in ‘The King’, making it a significant part of the ‘Best Of 2014 Suzannes Picks’. His character is a testament to Ward’s exceptional storytelling, making the book a must-read.

  • Wrath’s character depth: His past, present, and future all contribute to his complex and engaging character.
  • His sense of duty and loyalty: Wrath’s commitment to his family, friends, and species is commendable and endearing.
  • The connection readers build with him: Wrath’s character allows readers to feel a personal connection, making his journey more impactful.
  • Ward’s excellent storytelling: Wrath’s character is beautifully written, showcasing Ward’s skill as a writer.
  • His physical allure: Wrath’s chiseled physique and long, ebony hair add to his charm, making him an appealing character.

A Visual Treat: Best Cover goes to Into the Shadows by Carolyn Crane

Unveiling the next gem in our ‘Best Of 2014 Suzanne’s Picks’ is the book, ‘Into the Shadows’ by Carolyn Crane.

The cover of this novel is a visual treat, standing out for its eye-catching design and captivating visuals. It artistically captures the essence of the story, drawing in readers with its allure.

The image of a man flaunting tattoos, a perfectly chiseled six-pack, and ripped jeans creates an irresistible fusion of mystery and allure that is captivating.

The cover of ‘Into the Shadows’ is more than just a pretty face, it mirrors the raw, intense, and passionate nature of the story that awaits inside.

The dark backdrop, the mysterious man, and the intricate tattoos – every element harmoniously blends to form a visual symphony that screams intrigue.

This tantalizing cover has the power to stop readers in their tracks and piques their curiosity about the story within, making ‘Into the Shadows’ by Carolyn Crane a deserving winner of the ‘Best Cover’ in ‘Best Of 2014 Suzanne’s Picks’.

As we move through this captivating list, we uncover titles that have etched a mark on the hearts of readers.

But, does a book that didn’t quite meet its hype also make it to the list?

Stay tuned to see what the ‘Biggest Letdown’ of 2014 is. With this series of surprises, we are just getting started!

Best Of 2014 Suzannes Picks

A Review of Into the Shadows

As part of the remarkable ‘Best Of 2014 Suzanne’s Picks’, one book that stood out both for its riveting narrative and its striking cover, is ‘Into the Shadows’ by Carolyn Crane. The book’s magnetic cover design works cleverly in engaging prospective readers, as it evokes intrigue and curiosity.

The fierce and brooding man with intricate tattoos, a chiseled six-pack, and ripped jeans offers a tantalizing peek into the mysterious, raw, and intense world that waits within the pages. The visual appeal of this captivating cover does more than just catch the eye – it opens a window into the book’s essence, making it an irresistible lure for readers worldwide.

The ‘Best Of 2014 Suzanne’s Picks’ would be incomplete without acknowledging books that make a lasting impact, not only through their narratives but also their compelling designs, which ‘Into the Shadows’ effortlessly achieves. It’s quite rare to find a cover that complements and enhances a story as well as this one does, making the book a deserving winner for the ‘Best Cover’ category.

‘Into the Shadows’ highlights the depth of Crane’s storytelling, bringing together elements of mystery, excitement, and romance in a perfect symphony. Even as we marvel at its cover, be prepared to be equally enthralled by the story that lies within, making it a must-read in the ‘Best Of 2014 Suzanne’s Picks’.

Most Disappointing Read: The Viper by Kele Moon Reviewed

In the ‘Best Of 2014 Suzanne’s Picks’, not all books leave a lasting impression for their spellbinding narratives or mesmerizing characters. Some stand out for not quite living up to the hype they generated. One such title is ‘The Viper’ by Kele Moon, which unfortunately found its place in the ‘Most Disappointing Read’ category.

The book, part of the much-anticipated ‘Untamed Hearts’ series, didn’t quite hit the mark for Suzanne. Despite her immense love for the author’s ‘Battered Hearts’ series, ‘The Viper’ fell short of the high expectations set by its predecessors.

However, it’s important to note that a single disappointment doesn’t overshadow the potential of a promising series or an accomplished author. The rich narrative, complex characters, and engaging plotlines that have been the hallmark of Kele Moon’s books were somehow missing in ‘The Viper’.

Yet, Suzanne remains hopeful about the future installments in the ‘Untamed Hearts’ series. After all, every author deserves a second chance, and we are eager to see how Kele Moon makes a comeback in her next book.

As we delve deeper into the ‘Best Of 2014 Suzanne’s Picks’, prepare to be surprised by more revelations about the books that made an impact, for better or for worse.

Literature’s Best Couple: Izzy & Ransom from Romancing the Duke by Tessa Dare

In Suzanne’s ‘Best Of 2014 Picks’, the honor of ‘Literature’s Best Couple’ goes to Izzy and Ransom from ‘Romancing the Duke’ by Tessa Dare. This enchanting pair not only provides readers with a delightful mix of romance and wit but also showcases the brilliance of Dare’s storytelling.

Ransom, the brooding and reclusive Duke, is perfectly complemented by Izzy’s quirky and endearing personality, making them a couple that readers can’t help but adore. Their captivating love story, punctuated by moments of tender sincerity and hilarious banter, makes ‘Romancing the Duke’ a standout in the ‘Best Of 2014 Suzanne’s Picks.

Every time Izzy and Ransom come to mind, readers find themselves swept away by a wave of warm nostalgia. The emotional depth of their relationship is beautifully portrayed and the chemistry between them is undeniable.

Dare masterfully brings these characters to life, making readers invest in their journey and ardently root for their love story. The tale of Izzy and Ransom is one that effortlessly captures the heart, making ‘Romancing the Duke’ a must-read in Suzanne’s ‘Best Of 2014 Picks’.

An unforgettable couple from an unforgettable book – a compelling combination that is sure to keep you hooked.

A Review of the Romance in Romancing the Duke

In the ‘Best Of 2014 Suzanne’s Picks’, one romantic tale that won the hearts of readers was ‘Romancing the Duke’ by Tessa Dare. The romance between Izzy and Ransom was captured with depth and subtlety that captivated readers.

Their relationship was a passionate dance of love, longing, and resilience. The story was beautifully narrated, making readers laugh, cry and swoon in equal measures.

Izzy, with her vibrant personality and unwavering optimism, acted as a beacon of light for Ransom. Ransom was characterized by his broodiness and isolation. Their romance was not a typical fairy-tale, but a journey marked with struggle, vulnerability, and heartache.

This made their story all the more engrossing. Ransom and Izzy’s engaging banter, their moments of tender sincerity, and their charming idiosyncrasies made them unforgettable characters. Their love story was a standout in the ‘Best Of 2014 Suzanne’s Picks’.

Most Sizzling Sex Scene: The Professional by Kresley Cole

In Suzanne’s ‘Best Of 2014 Picks’, the accolade for the ‘Most Sizzling Sex Scene’ is awarded to Kresley Cole‘s tantalizing novel, ‘The Professional. This captivating book is not for the faint-hearted! Cole takes readers on an intimate journey steeped in passion and eroticism, making ‘The Professional’ an unforgettable read.

With its spine-tingling sexual tension, Cole’s novel is a masterclass on how to write a heated and sensuous love scene. Every page of ‘The Professional’ is packed with raw emotion and burning desire. From the intense chemistry between the characters to the explicit descriptions that will leave you breathless, it’s no wonder this scene was Suzanne’s top pick.

Readers be warned: ensure you’re equipped with a fan and some ice-cold water to counter the heat this book generates! Here are some of the features that make ‘The Professional’ stand out:

  • Unforgettable Characters: The protagonists are impeccably crafted, their interactions brimming with sexual tension.
  • Explicit Descriptions: Cole doesn’t shy away from detailing the intimate moments, giving readers a full sensory experience.
  • Unique Storyline: The blend of danger, intrigue, and eroticism makes for a thrilling read.
  • Raw Emotion: The depth of feelings between the characters adds an extra layer of intensity to the sex scenes.

With its blend of passion, drama, and unrelenting desire, ‘The Professional’ by Kresley Cole is an outstanding choice in the ‘Best Of 2014 Suzanne’s Picks’. So, why not indulge in this steamy novel that captures the essence of romantic desire with such intensity that it leaves an indelible imprint on your senses? Prepare to be completely enthralled.

Part 1: Setting the Scene in The Professional

In the ‘Best Of 2014 Suzanne’s Picks’, Kresley Cole’s ‘The Professional’ was a standout in the realm of sensual storytelling. The setting of ‘The Professional’ was meticulously crafted, with each scene carefully designed to escalate the sexual tension between the characters. A blend of danger and desire, the backdrop of the story was as intriguing as the characters themselves.

This captivating narrative was not just about the passionate encounters; it was a journey of exploration, surrender, and self-discovery. The atmosphere of ‘The Professional’ was charged with an undeniable magnetic pull. The settings varied from the opulent luxury of a Russian penthouse to the thrilling uncertainty of dark alleyways, each one adding a new layer of intensity to the narrative.

Cole’s skillful crafting of the setting not only heightened the sexual tension but also deepened the emotional connection between the characters, making each encounter a passionate dance of desire and longing.

Here are some of the features that made the setting of ‘The Professional’ so captivating:

  • Exotic Locations: From Russia to the United States, the story took readers on a thrilling journey across the globe.
  • Luxurious Settings: The opulence of the Russian penthouse added an element of decadence to the story.
  • Danger and Intrigue: The darker settings added an element of danger that heightened the sexual tension.
  • Emotional Depth: The settings were not just physical locations, but emotional landscapes that reflected the characters’ inner turmoil.

With such a vivid and evocative setting, it’s no wonder that ‘The Professional’ was a highlight in the ‘Best Of 2014 Suzanne’s Picks’. So, are you ready to embark on this thrilling journey of desire and danger?

Part 2: The Heat Rises

In Suzanne’s ‘Best Of 2014 Picks’, a special focus is placed on novels that not only captivate the reader with an enticing storyline but also ones that explore the depth and complexity of human emotions.

Taking this into consideration, it’s no wonder Kresley Cole’s ‘The Professional’ took the crown for the ‘Most Sizzling Sex Scene’. The novel is more than just a tale of erotic passion; it’s a journey into the heart of desire, longing, and the undeniable power of attraction.

With its perfectly crafted characters and explicit descriptions, ‘The Professional’ stands proud as a testament to the art of sensual storytelling.

As part of the ‘Best Of 2014 Suzanne’s Picks’, ‘The Professional’ is a novel that has left an indelible mark on readers. Its unique blend of passion, intrigue, and raw emotion offers a reading experience like no other.

From the opulent luxury of a Russian penthouse to the dangerous thrill of dark alleyways, the setting of the story adds an extra layer of intensity to the narrative.

So, if you’re up for a reading journey that will set your senses on fire and leave you yearning for more, then Kresley Cole’s ‘The Professional’ is the perfect pick.

Part 3: The Climax

As we continue to dive into the ‘Best Of 2014 Suzanne’s Picks’, we find ourselves at the climax of the story – the scenes that leave us breathless, our hearts pounding, and our eyes racing across the pages.

The climax isn’t just about the peak of the plot; it’s also about the culmination of the characters’ journeys, the point where all their struggles, all their desires, all their fears and hopes come crashing together in a moment of raw, intense emotion.

And in the midst of all this, the setting plays a pivotal role, setting the stage for the drama to unfold, heightening the tension, and adding depth to the narrative.

One of the standout climaxes from Suzanne’s 2014 picks would undoubtedly be the confrontation scene in ‘The Professional’ by Kresley Cole.

The tension that had been simmering throughout the novel finally reached boiling point in an explosive encounter that not only resolved the plot but also brought about a profound transformation in the characters.

The setting – a luxurious Russian penthouse – served as the perfect backdrop for this pivotal scene, adding an element of danger and decadence that amplified the intensity of the moment.

So what’s next in our exploration of the ‘Best Of 2014 Suzanne’s Picks’? We guarantee you’ll be captivated by the twists and turns, the heart-pounding moments, and the unforgettable characters that Suzanne has in store for you.

10. Author of the Year goes to: Penny Reid

In the ‘Best Of 2014 Suzanne’s Picks’, the coveted ‘Author of the Year’ crown goes to Penny Reid. This prestigious title is not awarded lightly; it is given to authors who have not only demonstrated exceptional storytelling skills but have also managed to captivate readers and take them on unforgettable journeys.

With her unique blend of humor, romance, and intellectual depth, Reid has certainly earned her place at the top, marking her as an author who truly stands out in the literary world.

Penny Reid’s books have always been a delightful mix of whimsy, intelligence, and heart, and 2014 was no exception. Her ability to create relatable characters, engaging plots, and heartwarming moments is unparalleled.

From ‘Neanderthal Seeks Human’ to ‘Beauty and the Mustache’, Reid’s novels have a unique way of touching readers’ hearts and making them laugh out loud. Her stories are not just about love; they are about life, with all its ups and downs, making her the deserving winner of the ‘Author of the Year’ in the ‘Best Of 2014 Suzanne’s Picks’.


Who are some noteworthy authors to watch out for?

In the ‘Best Of 2014 Suzannes Picks’, several authors emerged as noteworthy, demonstrating exceptional storytelling skills and captivating readers.

Established authors like Meljean Brook, Ilona Andrews, and Patricia Briggs continued to impress with their intricate plots and compelling characters.

New voices like Penny Reid, crowned ‘Author of the Year’, delighted readers with her unique blend of humor and romance.

Kresley Cole also stood out with her intense narratives. Given their performance in 2014, these authors are definitely ones to watch out for.

What are some promising new book series?

One of the most promising new book series highlighted in the ‘Best Of 2014 Suzanne’s Picks’ is the ‘Hidden Legacy’ series by Ilona Andrews. This series, starting with ‘Burn for Me’, is packed with magic, mayhem, and a sexual tension so palpable, it keeps the readers hooked from start to finish. If you’re seeking a series that delivers a thrilling blend of adventure and romance, ‘Hidden Legacy’ is definitely one to look out for.

Can you recommend any underrated books?

In the ‘Best Of 2014 Suzannes Picks’, the ‘Prince of Hearts’ by Margaret Foxe was a surprising and delightful find that came highly recommended. This underrated gem masterfully blends vampires and steampunk in a richly detailed world. Featuring a broody, centuries-old professor and his beleaguered secretary, the novel offers a unique twist on the usual romance tropes. If you’re on the hunt for an under-the-radar read that delivers on romance, adventure, and originality, ‘Prince of Hearts’ is a pick you shouldn’t miss.

Who are some of the best characters in recent releases?

In the ‘Best Of 2014 Suzanne’s Picks’, some of the best characters in recent releases include Mercy Thompson from ‘Night Broken’ by Patricia Briggs and Wrath from ‘The King’ by J.R. Ward.

Mercy is a beloved character who displays a great mix of humor and intelligence, handling her tumultuous life with grace.

On the other hand, Wrath, a long-standing member of the “Suzanne’s Book Boyfriend Club,” is adored for his loyalty and love for his friends, family, and race.

These characters have left a lasting impression on readers, making their respective books stand out.

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