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If you’re a fan of Paranormal Romance (PNR) with a dash of humor, strong heroines, and well-crafted world-building, then you’re in for a treat! Our ‘Best Of 2014 Angela’ pick for the top new release of the year is none other than Cecy Robson’s ‘A Cursed Bloodline’. This captivating book has been praised as the best of the series and is sure to leave you wanting more. So, let’s dive into the details of why ‘A Cursed Bloodline’ made it to the top of our list!

Title Author Genre Unique Selling Point Why it’s Angela’s 2014 Pick
A Cursed Bloodline Cecy Robson Paranormal Romance Strong heroine, humor, excellent world-building Considered the best in the series, this book offers a captivating mix of romance, humor, and adventure that Angela found irresistible.
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Insightful Reviews of A Cursed Bloodline

When it comes to the ‘Best Of 2014 Angela’, the insightful reviews of ‘A Cursed Bloodline’ played a significant role in its selection. Readers across the board have praised the book for its engaging plot, the depth of its characters, and the perfect balance of humor and adventure.

The reviews highlight the author’s ability to create a world that is both fantastical and relatable, making it a standout in the Paranormal Romance genre. Angela’s personal review of ‘A Cursed Bloodline’ echoes these sentiments.

She was particularly taken with the strong and compelling heroine, the well-crafted humor, and the richly detailed world-building. These elements, combined with Robson’s unique storytelling style, made ‘A Cursed Bloodline’ a clear choice for Angela’s top pick of 2014.

Reviewer Key Points of Praise Overall Opinion
Angela Strong heroine, well-crafted humor, excellent world-building Considered the best in the series and a standout in the Paranormal Romance genre, making it a clear choice for ‘Best Of 2014 Angela’
General Readers Engaging plot, depth of characters, balance of humor and adventure Highly praised for its relatable yet fantastical world, and unique storytelling style
Best Of 2014 Angela

Most Exciting Discovery: The Others by Anne Bishop and Wallbanger by Alice Clayton

Angela’s ‘Best Of 2014’ reading journey took her on a thrilling ride through an array of genres. This led her to discover two exceptional series that quickly climbed the ranks of her favorite reads. The first is Anne Bishop’s ‘The Others’, a unique Urban Fantasy series. This series captivated Angela with its intricate world-building and compelling characters.

The second is Alice Clayton’s ‘Wallbanger’, a delightful Romantic Comedy series. This series had Angela laughing out loud and swooning in equal measure. The ‘Others’ series by Anne Bishop was a fantastic find in the Urban Fantasy genre. The series immediately grabbed Angela’s attention with its fascinating premise, and the depth of the world-building quickly made it a standout.

With memorable characters and a captivating narrative, the ‘Others’ series was an exciting discovery that Angela couldn’t put down. On the other hand, Alice Clayton’s ‘Wallbanger’ series was a breath of fresh air in the Romantic Comedy genre. The series boasts a perfect blend of humor, romance, and unforgettable characters, making it an absolute joy to read.

Here’s a quick look at why these two series made Angela’s ‘Best Of 2014’ list:

Series Author Genre Why it’s Angela’s 2014 Pick
The Others Anne Bishop Urban Fantasy Intricate world-building and compelling characters make this series a standout in the genre.
Wallbanger Alice Clayton Romantic Comedy A perfect blend of humor, romance, and unforgettable characters make this series a joy to read.

Detailed Review of The Others by Anne Bishop

In her ‘Best Of 2014 Angela’, the ‘Others’ series by Anne Bishop emerged as a standout favorite. Angela was immediately captivated by the intricate world-building and compelling characters, which set this series apart in the Urban Fantasy genre.

The series revolves around a world dominated by supernatural beings, where humans are considered the minority. The unique and thought-provoking exploration of this reversed power dynamic, coupled with the depth of character development and the gripping narrative, rendered this series unputdownable for Angela.

The ‘Others’ series not only satisfied Angela’s craving for an immersive reading experience but also left her eagerly awaiting the next installment. It is a testament to Bishop’s storytelling prowess that the series has managed to weave a captivating tale that resonates with readers.

  • Unique and Engaging Plot: The reversed power dynamic between humans and supernatural beings provides a fresh perspective in the Urban Fantasy genre.
  • Detailed World-Building: Bishop’s meticulous crafting of the world and its inhabitants adds depth and authenticity to the narrative.
  • Compelling Characters: The characters are well-developed with distinct personalities, making them relatable and memorable.

As we continue to delve into Angela’s ‘Best Of 2014’ list, it’s clear that her reading picks are diverse and compelling. Stay tuned to discover what other gems Angela uncovered in her reading journey of 2014.

Comprehensive Review of Wallbanger by Alice Clayton

Alice Clayton’s ‘Wallbanger’ is a delightful concoction of humor, steamy romance, and unforgettable characters that instantly made its mark in Angela’s ‘Best Of 2014’ reading list. The story follows Caroline, a successful interior designer who has everything figured out except for her non-existent sex life. That all changes when she moves into an apartment with paper-thin walls and meets her charming yet frustratingly noisy neighbor, Simon, nicknamed ‘Wallbanger’.

In her ‘Best Of 2014 Angela’ list, Angela praises how Clayton masterfully balances light-hearted banter with simmering sexual tension, creating a tantalizing slow-burn romance that keeps readers hooked from start to finish.

The characters are well-drawn, relatable, and have a dynamic chemistry that leaps off the page. ‘Wallbanger’ is a wonderfully hilarious and heartwarming read that proves romance can be fun and sexy without losing its depth and emotional resonance. Whether you’re a long-time fan of romantic comedies or new to the genre, ‘Wallbanger’ is a must-read that will leave you smiling, swooning, and eagerly reaching for the next book in the series.

Best Newly Launched Series: Wild Seasons by Christina Lauren

The ‘Wild Seasons’ series by Christina Lauren emerged as the top newly launched series in Angela’s ‘Best Of 2014′. It was an instant hit with Angela, who was captivated by the series’ perfect blend of romance, humor, and sizzling chemistry.

The series begins with ‘Sweet Filthy Boy’, which introduces readers to a group of friends who have a wild weekend in Vegas, leading to unexpected relationships and a rollercoaster of emotions.

Angela loved that the series was both sweet and sexy, with a romantic storyline that was well-developed and engaging. The characters were relatable and their interactions were filled with witty banter, making for an entertaining read.

The ‘Wild Seasons’ series stood out for its captivating storytelling, memorable characters, and the palpable chemistry between the couples.

Here’s why this series made it to Angela’s ‘Best Of 2014’ list:

  • Engaging Plot: The series starts with a wild weekend in Vegas, setting the stage for unexpected relationships and lots of drama.
  • Relatable Characters: The characters are well-developed with distinct personalities, making them relatable and memorable.
  • Perfect Blend of Romance and Humor: The balance of romance, humor, and sizzling chemistry makes for an entertaining read.

The ‘Wild Seasons’ series is a testament to Christina Lauren’s ability to create engaging stories with well-rounded characters that readers can’t help but fall in love with.

Best Of 2014 Angela

Expert Review of Wild Seasons Series

In Angela’s ‘Best Of 2014’, the Wild Seasons series by Christina Lauren stands out as a compelling, fresh, and vibrant addition to the romance genre.

The series begins with a wild Vegas weekend that spins into a whirlwind of unexpected relationships, heartbreak, and love. The plot’s captivating twists and turns, coupled with authentic, relatable characters, make this series a standout in Angela’s ‘Best Of 2014’ list.

The Wild Seasons series is a testament to Christina Lauren’s storytelling prowess, blending the perfect mix of romance, humor, and undeniable chemistry.

Each book in the series introduces readers to a new couple, each with their own unique love story that is both sweet and sizzling. Every page is infused with witty banter and steamy scenes that will have readers eagerly turning the pages.

If you’re looking for a series that offers an addictive blend of romance and humor with well-rounded characters, then the Wild Seasons series is a must-read, as endorsed by Angela in her ‘Best Of 2014’.

Most Admired Heroine: Celia Weird by Cecy Robson and Charley Davidson by Darynda Jones

In the ‘Best Of 2014 Angela’s list, the spotlight shone on two heroines who were not just characters in a book, but women who broke through the fictional boundaries and became role models for readers. Celia Wird from Cecy Robson’s series and Charley Davidson from Darynda Jones’s books, captured Angela’s admiration for their courageous and selfless personalities.

Both these characters were revered for their relentless spirit, their strength in adversity, and their ability to love and be loved by everyone around them. Celia Wird stood out with her impeccable combination of strength, wit, and vulnerability, establishing her as a true heroine in the supernatural world of Robson’s series.

Meanwhile, Charley Davidson was a beacon of resilience and bravery, dealing with a world full of supernatural mysteries while maintaining her charming personality and sense of humor. These two heroines brought to life by Robson and Jones respectively, had a unique blend of courage, humor, and vulnerability that made readers root for them and fall in love with their stories.

With such inspiring and kick-ass characters, it’s no surprise Angela named them in her ‘Best Of 2014’. Angela’s appreciation for these characters is bound to stoke curiosity and lure readers into the adventures of Celia Wird and Charley Davidson.

Notice anything common between these two standout heroines? They both possess a strong sense of self and an unwavering courage that makes them the heroes of their own stories.

Comprehensive Analysis of Celia Weird’s character

In Angela’s ‘Best Of 2014’ list, one character that truly stood out was Celia Wird from Cecy Robson’s series. Celia is a character that is not just confined to the pages of a book but transcends into a living, breathing entity that readers can connect with.

Her character is a blend of strength, wit, and vulnerability, and it is this unique mix that makes Celia an unforgettable heroine. Celia’s journey is not just about fighting supernatural foes but is also a journey of self-discovery, acceptance, and love.

Celia’s character can be broken down into several key aspects.

  • Firstly, her courage is something that defines her. It is not just physical bravery but also emotional courage that she displays when faced with adversity.
  • Secondly, her sense of humor adds a layer of relatability to her character. Even when faced with dire circumstances, her witty quips provide moments of light-heartedness.
  • Thirdly, her vulnerability makes her human. Despite being a supernatural being, Celia’s fears, insecurities, and desires make her a character that readers can identify with.
  • Lastly, her selfless nature and the love she has for those around her make her a true heroine.

In the ‘Best Of 2014 Angela’s list, Celia Wird is a character who exemplifies strength, courage, and love, making her one of the most memorable characters of the year.

Detailed Insights on Charley Davidson’s character

Next in Angela’s ‘Best Of 2014’ list is another compelling heroine, Charley Davidson from the books of Darynda Jones. Charley is not just a character in a book but an embodiment of strength, resilience, and wit, traits that make her an absolute favorite among readers.

Just like Celia Wird, Charley represents an archetype of modern female characters who are not just reactive elements but proactive contributors to the storyline.

Charley Davidson is a private investigator with a supernatural twist: she’s also the grim reaper. With such a complex character description, it’s no surprise that Charley made it to the ‘Best Of 2014 Angela’ list.

She is fearlessly independent, intelligent, and undeniably funny. Her interactions with the spectral beings she encounters in her line of work often highlight her quick wit and humor. Yet, she is not a one-dimensional character.

Her layers are revealed throughout the series, showing her vulnerabilities, interpersonal struggles, and her journey of self-discovery amidst the chaos of her life. Indeed, Charley’s character is a testament to the finesse of Darynda Jones’s writing.

Angela’s ‘Best Of 2014’ list would be incomplete without the mention of these multilayered, powerful female characters. Hopefully, this brief insight into Charley Davidson’s character has piqued your interest.

Stay tuned to unravel the other characters that have captivated Angela’s attention and heart. Who will be Angela’s favorite hero of 2014?

Best Of 2014 Angela

Top Favorite Hero: Wrath by J.R. Ward

In Angela’s ‘Best of 2014,’ she selected Wrath, the compelling character crafted by J.R. Ward, as her favorite hero. Wrath is not your everyday hero. He is the last purebred vampire on the planet, a king who rules his kind with an iron fist.

His character is intricately woven with layers of complexity, making him a truly unforgettable figure in the realm of paranormal romance. The ‘Best Of 2014 Angela’ list would be incomplete without the mention of Wrath. His character is a powerful combination of strength, leadership, and vulnerability.

Despite his supernatural abilities and regal status, he struggles with his own insecurities and personal demons, making him a relatable character for readers. His love for his queen, Beth, only adds to his charm, displaying a softer, more tender side to his otherwise fierce persona.

Wrath is more than a character; he is a symbol of resilience, love, and determination, making him Angela’s favorite hero in 2014.

In-depth Review of Wrath’s character

In Angela’s ‘Best Of 2014’ list, Wrath from J.R. Ward’s bestselling Black Dagger Brotherhood series emerges as her favorite hero. Wrath is far from the typical romantic hero. As the last purebred vampire on the planet, he is a king who rules with an iron fist.

The complexity of his character captivates readers, making him an unforgettable figure in the realm of paranormal romance. This complexity, however, is not one-dimensional but layered with nuances that make Wrath a multifaceted character.

Angela’s in-depth review of Wrath’s character is as intriguing as the character himself. She explores his strength and his leadership, which are balanced by an underlying vulnerability. Although holding supernatural abilities and a regal status, Wrath grapples with personal insecurities and inner demons.

This relatability sets him apart from other characters and draws readers to his journey. His tender love for his queen, Beth, adds more depth to his persona, showcasing a softer side to his otherwise fierce character. Wrath stands as a symbol of resilience, love, and determination, all of which contribute to his position as Angela’s favorite hero in 2014.

So what makes Wrath the quintessential hero for Angela? From his leadership skills, his fierce love for Beth, to his struggle with personal insecurities, Wrath’s character is undoubtedly compelling. But is he only a product of his struggles, or is there more to him?

Award-Winning Cover Design: Hollywood on Tap by Avery Flynn

In Angela’s ‘Best Of 2014’ list, the cover design award goes to Hollywood on Tap by Avery Flynn. This book cover stands out for its vibrant colors and alluring appeal, making it impossible for readers to ignore.

The cover features a handsome man, shirtless, holding a beer mug, and the background is a hazy blend of blue and purple hues. The cover’s design beautifully encapsulates the book’s essence, a steamy romance set in a brewery, and it’s this perfect blend of visual appeal and relevance that makes it Angela’s choice for the best cover design in 2014.

The Hollywood on Tap cover is more than just eye candy; it’s a visual representation of the story within. The shirtless man hints at the book’s steamy romance, while the beer mug is a nod to the brewery setting.

It’s this attention to detail that sets it apart from other covers. In the ‘Best Of 2014 Angela’ list, this cover is a shining example of how a book’s cover can be a powerful marketing tool, enticing readers to delve into the pages and immerse themselves in the story.

So, next time you’re looking for a steamy romance to read, let the Hollywood on Tap cover guide you to a world of love, laughter, and beer.

Expert Review of Hollywood on Tap’s Cover Design

In the ‘Best Of 2014 Angela’ list, one cover stands alone as arguably the most memorable and enticing of the year – Hollywood on Tap by Avery Flynn.
It takes but a moment to appreciate the artistry and attention to detail that has gone into this cover design. The shirtless man holding a beer mug suggests an enticing blend of romance and fun, set against a palate of mesmerizing blue and purple hues.

The cover exudes a magnetic appeal, effectively communicating the book’s central theme – a steamy romance in a brewery setting.
The genius of this design, however, extends beyond mere aesthetics.

The ‘Best Of 2014 Angela’ cover review demonstrates how the cover of Hollywood on Tap serves as a visual synopsis of the story within.
The handsome man, the beer mug, and the atmospheric background create a perfect harmony that entices the readers, hinting at the steamy romance, fun, and the brewery setting inside the pages.

This cover is not just a pleasing image, but a powerful marketing tool that speaks directly to its target audience, encouraging them to delve into the story.
So, if you’re in search of a book that blends romance, humour, and a unique setting, let Hollywood on Tap guide your choice.

But the question remains, who graces the cover of Hollywood on Tap? Stay tuned to find out in the next segment.

Most Disappointing Series: Never Deal with Dragons by Lorenda Christensen

In the ‘Best Of 2014 Angela’ list, the category of the most disappointing series unfortunately goes to Never Deal with Dragons by Lorenda Christensen. You might wonder, what makes this series stand out as the biggest letdown of the year?

The series started with a compelling premise – blending the mythical world of dragons with the contemporary reality. It held such potential, such promise, but unfortunately, it failed to deliver as the series progressed.

The first book was like a dragon itself, fiery and captivating, drawing readers into its power and promise. But, as the series continued, the flame started to flicker and finally went out.

The plotlines became repetitive, the characters lost their charm, and the unique dragon-centric universe that first had us so intrigued gradually lost its appeal.

The final installment was the nail in the coffin, leaving us with a sense of unfulfilled potential and disappointment. For Angela, this series was a promising journey that sadly veered off course.

  • Dwindling Plotlines: The storyline started off strong but gradually lost its dynamism, leaving readers with a sense of monotony.
  • Lackluster Characters: The characters, initially charming and intriguing, lost their spark over time, making it hard for readers to remain invested in their journeys.
  • Fading World-Building: The unique universe that was initially established, centered around dragons, lost its appeal over time due to repetitive and inconsistent elements.
  • Unfulfilled Potential: The series held so much promise but fell short of delivering a satisfactory conclusion, leaving readers with a sense of disappointment.

Critical Review of Never Deal with Dragons

Angela’s ‘Best Of 2014’ list brings to light some wonderful gems as well as some unfortunate misses. One of those misses that made a significant impact is the series Never Deal with Dragons by Lorenda Christensen. Angela’s critical review of this series casts an unfiltered look into the strong start and the subsequent decline that places this series onto the list of disappointments of 2014.

In the ‘Best Of 2014 Angela’ critique, you’ll find that the Never Deal with Dragons series began with a blazing start akin to the fire-breathing creatures it revolves around. The allure of dragons intertwined with reality made for an intriguing promise.

But as the chapters unfolded, the promise began to fade, the plotlines dwindled and got repetitive, characters lost their allure and the charm of the dragon-centric universe gradually dissolved. Angela’s review brings forth the elements that were initially engaging in Christensen’s series, making the eventual disillusionment all the more bitter.

To end with a teaser for lore enthusiasts, imagine a series starting with a powerful dragon and ending with a listless lizard. How did such a transgression occur?

Detailed Analysis of Lorenda Christensen’s writing style

In the ‘Best Of 2014 Angela’ review, Lorenda Christensen’s writing style is put under the microscope. Christensen’s ability to craft a unique world where dragons roam amidst humans initially captured readers’ hearts.

Her innovative concept, blended with her knack for creating charming, lively characters, made the first installment of Never Deal with Dragons a literary delight. The elements of humor, excitement, and a dash of romance that Christensen brought to her narrative made it an enticing read.

However, as Angela’s ‘Best Of 2014’ critique points out, maintaining consistency and freshness in a multi-book series is a challenging feat. Despite Christensen’s initial brilliance, the subsequent books in the series suffered from a decline in plot dynamism, character development, and world-building.

The narratives became repetitive and the characters lost their initial charm and depth. Despite her ability to create a fascinating premise, Christensen’s writing style could not sustain the allure and vibrancy that marked the beginning of the series.

Comprehensive Review of the Series’ Plot and Characters

In the critique, Angela provides a comprehensive insight into the plot and characters of the Never Deal with Dragons series by Lorenda Christensen. The initial book in the series had a promising start, with a plot that was a refreshing blend of fantasy and reality, coupled with well-drawn characters that immediately caught the readers’ attention.

The protagonist, Myrna, stood out with her witty personality and her unique job of working as a mediator in dragon-human conflicts which added an intriguing layer to the plot. The dragon characters stole the show with their aloofness, mysterious allure, and of course, their fire-breathing abilities.

However, as Angela noted in her review, the subsequent installments of the series failed to maintain the captivating essence of the first book. The narrative started to feel repetitive and predictable, and the characters seemed to lose their spark. Myrna’s wit seemed to transform into annoying arrogance, and even the dragons seemed to lose their mystique becoming more of a backdrop rather than dynamic characters.

In a list of letdowns, Angela notes the repetitiveness, the glaring plot holes, lack of character development, and a fizzling storyline. From an intriguing series with the potential to redefine the genre, it turned into an unfortunately forgettable read.

But what exactly went wrong in the series that made it spiral down from its promising beginning? Engage with Angela’s review as she dissects the individual elements that led to the decline of Christensen’s Never Deal with Dragons series, in the following section.

Most Sensual Scene: The Professional by Kresley Cole

In the ‘Best Of 2014 Angela’ review, one book stands out for its tantalizing sensuality – The Professional by Kresley Cole. This provocative tale of a Russian Mafia enforcer and his innocent American protegée takes readers on a rollercoaster of passion, danger, and wild romance.

Angela commends the steamy scenes in this book for their vivid detail and intensity, declaring them the most sensual of the year. The sauna scene, in particular, redefines sensuality, delivering a passionate encounter that leaves readers breathless and longing for more.

Angela’s ‘Best Of 2014’ rave review for The Professional’s steam factor is a testament to Kresley Cole’s masterful storytelling. She skillfully builds tension between the two main characters, resulting in explosive, passionate scenes that are not easily forgotten.

The hallway closet scene, for instance, is another unforgettable encounter that highlights Cole’s talent for writing intense, passionate, and memorable moments. In the ‘Best Of 2014 Angela’ roundup, The Professional stands out as the book with the most sensual scene, making it a must-read for any romance enthusiast.

Detailed Review of The Professional’s Sensual Scene: Part 1

In the ‘Best Of 2014 Angela’ critique, one particular scene from Kresley Cole’s The Professional stands out for its alluring sensuality – Part 1’s intimate encounter. Angela lauds this scene for its tantalizing detail and intensity, marking it as the most sensual scene of the year.

The vivid portrayal of the characters’ raw passion, their burning desire, and the electrifying tension between them make this scene unforgettable. The author’s skillful narrative not only stirs the readers’ imagination but also leaves them breathless, yearning for more.

The scene unfolds in a steamy sauna, a setting that contributes to the overall sensual ambiance. The characters’ palpable chemistry coupled with the sultry environment results in an encounter that is both passionate and intense. The Professional’s sauna scene is a testament to Cole’s talent for crafting sensual scenes that are not only explicit but also deeply emotional.

  • In the ‘Best Of 2014 Angela’ review, the sauna scene from The Professional by Kresley Cole is singled out for its steamy sensuality. Angela’s praise for this scene is not just for its explicit detail, but also for the deep emotional connection it builds between the characters. The scene is a masterful blend of passion, desire, and tension that leaves readers breathless and yearning for more.
  • The scene unfolds in a steamy sauna, a setting that enhances the sensuality of the encounter. The characters’ palpable chemistry, coupled with the sultry environment, results in an experience that is both passionate and intense.
  • But what makes this scene truly unforgettable is the emotional depth that Cole infuses into the narrative. It’s not just a physical encounter; it’s a powerful moment of connection between the characters. This is what sets The Professional apart in Angela’s ‘Best Of 2014’ list.

Critical Analysis of The Professional’s Sensual Scene: Part 2

In the ‘Best Of 2014 Angela’ review, Part 2 of The Professional’s sensual scene is presented as a masterstroke of Kresley Cole’s storytelling prowess. This intimate encounter offers more than just a steamy scene; it presents a turning point in the narrative, where the characters’ emotional connection deepens, and their relationship evolves.

The passion and intensity of their physical connection are mirrored in the emotional turmoil they experience, adding depth to their relationship and making this scene an essential part of the narrative’s progression. Cole’s skillful portrayal of the characters’ emotions sets this scene apart from the other sensual encounters in the book.

Readers are not just spectators to the characters’ physical passion; they are privy to their emotional journey, feeling their longing, their confusion, and their desire. This intimate view into the characters’ emotional landscape makes this scene unforgettable and earns it a special mention in Angela’s ‘Best Of 2014’ list.

Part 3 of The Professional’s sensual scene is lauded as a compelling conclusion to the intimate encounter. This scene is not just about the culmination of physical passion but also about the resolution of emotional tensions. Cole deftly navigates the emotional labyrinth of the characters, bringing readers along on their tumultuous journey.

The scene leaves a lasting impact, not just because of its explicit sensuality, but also because of the emotional closure it provides. Cole’s adept handling of the characters’ emotions in this scene showcases her storytelling prowess. She manages to weave together the physical and emotional elements of the scene seamlessly, making it a riveting read.

This scene’s perfect blend of sensuality and emotionality makes it a standout in Angela’s ‘Best Of 2014’ list.

Comprehensive Review of The Professional’s Sensual Scene: Part 3

In the ‘Best Of 2014 Angela’ review, the final part of the sensual scene from The Professional is hailed as a compelling climax to the intimate encounter. The scene is not just a culmination of the characters’ physical passion but a resolution to their emotional tensions, skillfully navigated by the author, Kresley Cole.

Readers are not just spectators to the physical intensity but are also drawn into the emotional roller coaster the characters experience, making this scene unforgettable. Cole’s deft handling of the characters’ emotions in this scene exemplifies her storytelling prowess, as she seamlessly weaves together the physical and emotional elements of the scene into a riveting read.

The scene’s perfect blend of sensuality and emotionality is what sets it apart, earning it a special place in Angela’s ‘Best Of 2014’ list.

So, what other gems does Angela’s ‘Best Of 2014’ list hold? Keep reading to find out.

Author of the Year: Keri Lake

In the ‘Best Of 2014 Angela’ review, Keri Lake was named as the ‘Author of the Year’. This choice was not made lightly; an author earns this accolade only through masterful storytelling, deep respect from peers and fans, and a personal connection with the reviewer.

Keri Lake checked all these boxes and more, making her the standout author of the year in Angela’s estimation.

Keri Lake’s storytelling prowess shines through in her books, captivating readers with her unique blend of suspense, romance, and intrigue.

Her characters are relatable, her plots are engaging, and her worlds are immersive. It’s no wonder that Angela, like many other readers, fell in love with her work.

This, combined with Lake’s strong standing in the literary community and her connection with her readers, made her the perfect choice for the ‘Author of the Year’ in the ‘Best Of 2014 Angela’ review.

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Annie’s Top Choices of 2014

In a year filled with amazing literature, the selections in ‘Best Of 2014 Angela’ were truly unparalleled. However, another blogger named Annie also stole some spotlight that year with her incredibly discerning picks.

Annie’s Top Choices of 2014 offered a diverse range of books that not only reflected her eclectic taste but were also a testament to the rich literary talent that year.

Annie, much like Angela, is known for her keen eye for quality literature and her ability to dissect a book down to its minutest details.

Her 2014 selections feature a fantastic mix of suspense, romance, fantasy, and contemporary literature that left readers eagerly turning pages.

If you have a love for multi-layered stories, complex characters, and unparalleled storytelling prowess, then you will surely find treasures in Annie’s Top Choices of 2014. But remember, just as you explore the amazing world of ‘Best Of 2014 Angela’, don’t forget to dive into the equally captivating universe of Annie’s picks.

Suzanne’s Favored Books of 2014

Following the riveting selections from ‘Best Of 2014 Angela’, we move forward to explore the literary universe of Suzanne’s Favored Books of 2014. Suzanne, much like Angela, has a discerning eye for books that deliver a potent blend of engaging plots, well-crafted characters, and an immersive writing style.

Her choices for 2014 were a tapestry of genres, each book a gateway into a unique and compelling world. If you were captivated by the diverse and dynamic range of ‘Best Of 2014 Angela’, you are bound to find delight in Suzanne’s picks.

From heart-stopping thrillers to enchanting romances, her list was a testament to her eclectic taste in literature. One of the highlights of Suzanne’s list was the balance it struck between popular bestsellers and underrated treasures, providing readers with a wide palette of narratives and styles to explore.

Let’s delve into the captivating world of Suzanne’s Favored Books of 2014. Stay tuned for a literary journey that promises to excite, engage, and enlighten. Ready for the next chapter?

Francesca’s Most Loved Reads of 2014

Riding on the spellbinding literary wave of the ‘Best Of 2014 Angela’, we arrive at the next enchanting destination on our literary journey. Francesca, with her discerning taste and passion for books, has always been an influential voice in the book blogging community.

Her selections for 2014, much like Angela’s, offered a diverse array of genres that effortlessly straddled between critically acclaimed bestsellers and hidden literary gems. Each book in Francesca’s list offered a captivating narrative, intriguing characters, and exceptional storytelling that left readers wanting more.

From heartwrenching dramas to thrilling mysteries, her selection encompassed the vast spectrum of literary genres. However, what stood out was Francesca’s ability to spot underrated books that deserved more recognition.

So, if you reveled in the literary brilliance of ‘Best Of 2014 Angela’, prepare yourself for another exciting ride with Francesca’s Most Loved Reads of 2014. Stay tuned as we delve into each of these intriguing books, offering a peek into their captivating worlds.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Who is the most admired heroine of the year?

In the ‘Best Of 2014 Angela’ list, two heroines stood out and were greatly admired by readers. The first is Celia Weird from Cecy Robson’s series, and the second is Charley Davidson from the series penned by Darynda Jones.

Both these characters are loved for their courage, selflessness, and the affection they garner from everyone around them. They seamlessly blend humor, sensuality, and a kick-ass attitude, leading to an addiction to the adventurous worlds they inhabit.

These heroines are a testament to the diversity and depth of female characters in the ‘Best Of 2014 Angela’ list.

What is the top new release of the year?

The top new release of the year in the ‘Best Of 2014 Angela’ list is ‘A Cursed Bloodline’ by Cecy Robson. This captivating book is deemed the best of the series, offering readers a magical mix of paranormal romance, a strong heroine, great humor, and fantastic world building. As the ‘Best New Release’ in Angela’s list, ‘A Cursed Bloodline’ stands as a testament to Robson’s storytelling acumen.

Which new series is considered the best?

The ‘Best Of 2014 Angela’ list names the ‘Wild Seasons’ series by Christina Lauren as the best new series of the year. This series stood out for its perfect blend of sweetness, sensuality, and romance. Unlike other series from the same author, ‘Wild Seasons’ is highly recommended and has set a high bar for new series entering the literary scene. This recognition in the ‘Best Of 2014 Angela’ list further underscores the series’ appeal and Christina Lauren’s skill as a writer.

Who has been named the Author of the Year?

The ‘Best Of 2014 Angela’ list confers the title of ‘Author of the Year’ to Keri Lake. When considering what makes an author the best, Angela looks at their writing skills, respect from peers and fans, and personal love for the author’s work. This year, Keri Lake fits the bill perfectly. This recognition on the ‘Best Of 2014 Angela’ list is a testament to Lake’s exceptional writing skills and the love and respect she commands from readers and fellow authors.

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